Prosurance Redeker Group, Ltd. is an independent brokerage firm that specializes in insurance products and related risk management services for Architects and Engineers.

We have a long history of providing insurance services to architects and engineers, tracing our roots to the Frederick G. Redeker Agency, one of the first architect/ engineer specialists. Redeker Brokerage began providing insurance services to design firms in 1961. Prosurance Brokerage was formed in 1986 and ushered in a new era of enhanced risk management services for design firms, redefining the role of the specialty broker as a risk management resource. Combining forces in 1991, Prosurance Redeker Group, Ltd. builds on its tradition of creating insurance solutions to architects and engineers and continues to raise the bar in the risk management and loss control services for design firms.

Our commitment to our clients extends year round as clients are encouraged to consult with us on risk management, quality assurance, and all liability matters. Prosurance Redeker Group, Ltd has quickly established itself as a key broker in this specialized field of insurance, representing many of the most prominent design firms in the tri-state area. As working partners with our clients, our insurance programs are designed with lead criteria of quality, security and cost. Our clients are supplied with the information and market knowledge that they will need to control and accurately project insurance expenditures from year to year, information that is critical to the profitable operation of a firm.