How Prosurance Redeker Group Distinguishes Itself

Prosurance Redeker Group, Ltd. distinguishes itself from the “general lines” broker as well as other brokers handling Architects and Engineers Professional Liability by the level of service we are able to provide our clientele, facilitated by our expertise in this specialized field.

Our daily involvement with Architects’ and Engineers’ Professional Liability allows us to stay current with insurance market conditions in this volatile area as well as developments in non-traditional risk transfer mechanisms, including risk retention groups, trade captives, and self insurance alternatives.

Our underwriting experience allows us to profile a firm in the most favorable light and effectively communicate a clients needs to the insurer. This expertise assures our clients that they are paying no more than they should for their specific exposure while receiving maximum protection.

After a policy is in effect, we continue to provide services in the areas of premium financing, risk management, contract review, premium allocation to an insured’s client, project policies and coordination of all other lines of insurance. A comprehensive list of continuing services is included with our introduction. We encourage you to review this list and compare it with the services you are receiving now.

Considering the operating cost attributable to an Architects/Engineers Professional Liability Insurance program, a broker should lend significant value to the process of procuring coverage. A broker’s compensation is included in the premium the A/E pays for insurance. If quantified services are not provided, the A/E is not receiving full value for the expenditure. The selection process for a design firms’ insurance broker should be as carefully considered as the selection process for their accountant or attorney, as the insurance broker can have the same impact on a design firm’s bottom line.